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Visual Facilitation

Learn how to facilitate meetings and workshops in a unique, visual way and leave with a fully prepared case. Only in our Visual Facilitation workshop.

Death by PowerPoint? No thanks.

You regularly facilitate a meeting or workshop in which you discuss a topic with colleagues or clients. Your goal: gather information, understand what is needed, and come to a decision. Together, so that everyone contributes and supports that decision.


  • You facilitate meetings and workshops in a unique, visual way.
  • You guide participants through every step and keep an overview.
  • You stimulate interactivity and involvement without endless discussions.
  • You know what your role is and experience more flow, calm, and confidence.
  • You achieve more and better results. While having more fun in your meetings.

These are the results of our Visual Facilitation workshop.

Visual Facilitation workshop: these are the steps you will take

In the morning, you will learn how to visualize information with the bikablo drawing technique. No theory, just short demos, and exercises. We conclude with a fictitious meeting that you visualize yourself. You will be surprised at how smoothly it goes ; )

In the afternoon, we will build on that with templates and metaphors that you will use to guide group interaction. An iceberg, a tree, etc.: you will learn when they are useful and how to visualize them in your own style.

Time to bring everything together. Choose a meeting that will take place soon and apply everything we have learned to prepare for it. After a brief briefing, the group will simulate your meeting, and you will do the visual facilitation. Afterward, you will receive feedback.

In Practice

You will learn fascinating visualization and facilitation techniques, enjoy a delicious lunch, and receive a PDF with all the drawings and a set of professional markers worth 20 euros. This way, you’ll be ready to jump right in.

Maximum of 12 participants, so book your ticket quickly.

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