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Whether you are looking to be inspired, or you want do deep-dive and become a master, we have the right event or training for you!

HR and organisational change

Learn all about self-management and distributed leadership or how to grow high-performing teams and a learning organisation.

All HR and organisational change Courses
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HR and organisational change

Certified Agile Leadership training (CAL-E + CAL-O) – live online

How may we foster an Agile mindset to create a nimble flexible organization powered by engaged, innovative people? The focus of CAL-E + CAL-O is cultural, with an outlook towards Being Agile. We look at topics such as leadership, organizational structure, culture, and organizational growth. Our focus is long-term sustainable growth from a holistic and integrated perspective.

  • Online
  • € 1530 – 1700 excl. VAT
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HR and organisational change

Verbindende besluitvorming

Kom op een effectieve en efficiënte manier tot slimme en gedragen beslissingen.

  • Spoor 18
  • € 1285 – 1585 excl. VAT

Product development

Create awesome product development teams and grow as a scrum master, product owner or agile coach.

All Product development Courses
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Product development

Certified ScrumMaster

This certification training will boost the success of your products and projects by teaching you how Scrum really works and how to apply it effectively in your organisation!

  • Online
  • € 1520 excl. VAT
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Product development

Certified Scrum Product Owner

This certification training will heavily boost your project his return on investment by teaching you how to be a great Product Owner!

  • Elewijt Center
  • € 1444 – 1520 excl. VAT
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Product development

Certified ScrumMaster

This certification training will boost the success of your products and projects by teaching you how Scrum really works and how to apply it effectively in your organisation!

  • Holiday Inn Gent
  • € 1444 – 1520 excl. VAT

Our training approach

Public or in company

All open training and events listed on this website are also available in-company and customised to your context

Awesome trainers

iLean trainers don’t only create the best learning environments, they also bring many years of practical experience for you te learn from

Online and in-person

We leverage and combine the advantages of online learning with those of in-person work, to maximise your learning results

We don’t provide typical classroom training. Our training approach is designed to offer optimal learning for every participant. You will be engaged and invited to share your specific challenges and questions. Our trainer share typical pitfalls and proven implementation approaches. We will combine theoretical concepts, practical experiences, exercises, games, discussions and real-life examples into a great learning experience.

Our programs

Realising your dreams might take more than attending a single event or training. Check out our proven change programs that combine training, custom workshops and hands-on coaching for a complete transformation.

Are you using Agile principles and techniques in software or product development?

Check out our KLIMAKS offering for scrum masters, team leads or agile coaches to boost their organisational competences.

A proven and successful learning program, focussing on:

  • Steady growth of competences
  • Developing a learning mindset
  • Boosting business agility

Are you a leader, HR professional or are you responsible for organisational structure or culture?

Discover our proven LEVIRO programs to guide you on your journey to greatness:

  • Team Track Grow an awesome, high-performing and self-managing team
  • Organisation Path A pragmatic change approach towards distributed leadership and organisational agility

What our clients have to say

Why should you believe anything we say, when you can read what our clients have to say about us.

The Sociocracy 3.0 training was top! It can also be used in a complex, old-school organisation that wants to change. The people there are even becoming fans of S3!

Geert Lemmens – Large Belgian bank

Mijn grijze hersenmassa wordt danig geprikkeld en in actie gezet.
Fantastisch hoe jullie dit doen!


Ben Verpoorten – Xerius

I discovered concrete, applicable tools, well lived-through. Jef and Dieter breathe Sociocracy 3.0 and at the same time, they are integrating context and input of the participants fluently.

Sien Heine – Fluvius