Sander Hoogendoorn is an independant dad, consultant, software craftsman, architect, programmer, coach, personal mentor, speaker, traine, writer and traveller. He is seasoned in (beyond) agile, Scrum, Kanban, continuous delivery, (no) software estimation, agile requirements, design patterns, web development, domain driven design, UML, software architecture, microservices, and writing beautiful code.

Sander changes organizations and teams and coaches them to optimize their processes, practices, architecture, code and tests, currently as chief technology officer at ANVA, previously as the CTO for a well-known Dutch insurance company and as global agile thought leader at Capgemini. Sander authored best-selling books such as Microservices. A practical guideThe Continuous CultureThis Is Agile and Pragmatic Modeling with UML and published hundreds of articles in international magazines. He is an inspiring (keynote) speaker at international conferences, he presented hundreds of (in-house) training courses and lectured at many universities.

Sander is well known for his enthusiasm and motivational capabilities, innovative skills, team building, deep knowledge of the field, quick adaptation, broad vision, and collaborative skills. An open personality, eager, driven, out-of-the-box thinker. He is not afraid of trying out new paths and techniques and has never been a nine-to-fiver. Having new ideas is a 24/7 process.