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Agile Kitchen

We want to brew new content, taste new topics, and let ideas simmer with you and other Agile foodies in our Agile Kitchen.

Our initiative

In the last few years, the world of work changed quite a bit, and many Agile community initiatives struggled to stay operational. With iLean’s Agile Kitchen we want to contribute to bringing the community back together in ways that suit our new reality.

In the Agile Kitchen, we want you to be more involved and enlarge the learning potential of yourself and our community!

iLean's Agile Kitchen

Our concept

It’s simple: iLean’s Agile Kitchen is about Agile and people!

Every 6 weeks we gather around one or more Agile topics for interactive learning sessions and knowledge sharing. We invite speakers from our community (maybe you?), or national and international thought leaders to facilitate these sessions about specific Agile topics. The topics we chose are your topics. We gather them on our Agile Kitchen Marketplace (Miro board) and give you the possibility to introduce or support relevant topics.

Let’s get cooking!

The Agile Kitchen calendar

Tue 14/12Agile Metrics to boost your AgilityKris & Vincent18:00 – 21:00Mechelen
Tue 25/01Reawakening Agile with OKRs  Allan Kelly16:30 – 18:00Online
Thu 10/03 How to build products that customers and teams will LOVE?Annelore Arnold18:00 – 21:30 Mechelen
Thu 21/04 Continuous improvement: make it a habit!Serge Huybrechts17:30 – 21:00Online
Wed 01/06 When agility meets reality – Comic AgiléLuxshan Ratnaravi & Mikkel Noe-Nygaard16:30 – 17:30 Online
Thu 23/06Agile Kitchen: session with Christophe Rosseel from In The Pocket – iLeanChristophe Rosseel17:00 – 19:00Mechelen
Tue 12/07 A Zombie Scrum Survival SessionJohannes Schartau18:00 – 20:00Online
Tue 09/08Agile Kitchen: A retrospective’s anti-patterns retrospective – iLean
Philippe Vandessel & Frederik Vannieuwenhuyse18:00 – 20:00Mechelen
Thu 25/08 Agile Kitchen: ‘Let the drawing beast out!’ how (self)drawn images boost your meeting. – iLeanDimitri Bauwens17:30 – 19:30 Mechelen
Tue 04/10 Maarten Dalmijn (topic to be announced)Maarten Dalmijn16:00 – 17:30Online
Thu 17/11 Techboards, collectives and micro teams at iBOOD. Close collaboration in times of pandemics and continuous change…Sander Hoogendoorn18:00 – 20:00 Mechelen

Learn from past events

In this section, we post the learnings from the Agile Kitchen session, extra information about the topics and a view on how it has been. Give yourself the possibility of getting inspired, asking questions, and joining us in the next Agile Kitchen!