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We want to brew new content, taste new topics, and let ideas simmer with you and other Agile foodies in our Agile Kitchen

iLean's Agile Kitchen

Our initiative

In the last few years, the world of work changed quite a bit, and many Agile community initiatives struggled to stay operational. With iLean’s Agile Kitchen we want to contribute to bringing the community back together in ways that suit our new reality.

In the Agile Kitchen, we want you to be more involved and enlarge the learning potential of yourself and our community!

Our concept

It’s simple: iLean’s Agile Kitchen is about Agile and people!

Every 6 weeks we gather around one or more Agile topics for interactive learning sessions and knowledge sharing. We invite speakers from our community (maybe you?), or national and international thought leaders to facilitate these sessions about specific Agile topics. The topics we chose are your topics. We gather them on our Agile Kitchen Marketplace (Miro board) and give you the possibility to introduce or support relevant topics.

Let’s get cooking!

The Agile Kitchen calendar

Wed 9/11Agile Kitchen: Increase your and your company’s (learning) potential! A session on agile in all its aspects.Cronos a/d Leie17:00 – 22:00Kortrijk
Tues 6/12Agile Kitchen: How to make your organisation really thrive?Christophe Rosseel & Sander Hoogendoorn17:00 – 20:30In The Pocket @ Gent

Learn from past events

In this section, we post the learnings from the Agile Kitchen session, extra information about the topics and a view on how it has been. Give yourself the possibility of getting inspired, asking questions, and joining us in the next Agile Kitchen!

  • Let’s talk about continuous improvement

    Let’s talk about continuous improvement, Serge Huybrechts said. And talking is what we did yesterday evening at the Agile Kitchen event hosted by iLean. A few of the people there were in one way or another connected to iLean, but ten or so others had managed to squeeze in this meetup with Serge in between work, dinner and […]

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  • Let (self) drawn images really make your meetings come to life!

    On August 25th, we set up our Agile Kitchen in Spoor 18 in Mechelen for what proved to be a very inspiring session by Dimitri Bauwens. Dimitri, Agile coach and scrum master at icapps, gets energized by working with people and teams, and has a special interest in visual facilitation. That is why he was […]

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  • How do you make sure you get the most out of your retrospectives?

    How productive are your teams’ retrospectives really? Do you get the most out of them? Maybe you are stuck in anti-patterns that prevent your retrospectives from being vehicles for real continuous improvement. Participants of our Agile Kitchen session on August 9th at Spoor 18 in beautiful Mechelen had the chance to have a retrospective about […]

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  • Zombie Scrum, a Benign Hipster Trend of Dangerous Pandemic?

    On July 12th, our Agile Kitchen was bursting with activity again, as Johannes Schartau came to talk about Zombie Scrum during an online interactive session! But what is this Zombie Scrum? What have we learned in our Kitchen from Johannes, an Agile Coach, international speaker, complexity and integral thinker, Liberating Structures user, and Zombie Scrum […]

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  • When agility meets reality – Comic Agilé

    On June 1st, we had the privilege of welcoming Luxshan Ratnaravi and Mikkel Noe-Nygaard to a fantastic evening in our Agile Kitchen! Luxshan and Mikkel are the heart and soul of Comic Agilé, the tragicomic strip about agile anti-patterns and misunderstandings. Their mission is very clear: “we want more people to laugh, reflect and improve […]

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