Train your organization

Agile for Executives

This training will challenge and prepare management to effectively lead an Agile transformation and support the organization during the change. 

During this session, participants (Management – up to 14 participants) will get a good overview of how Scrum and Agile will work in their organization, what the benefits are and what the challenges will be for management throughout this journey. They will be confronted with their assumptions and beliefs, and how these will constrain the Agile initiative.

Agile and Scrum are contemporary methods for program, project, and product management. They focus on positive collaboration between teams and customers through deliveries. Also, they enable a context in which changing environments and requirements can be coped with.

After the session, participants will share a common vocabulary of the techniques and principles. They will be ready to support the adoption of Agile and Scrum in the organization.

Topics covered 

  • Agile principles and values
  • Team Assumptions model assessment
  • The Scrum framework, its basic elements, and its interactions: roles, events, and artifacts
  • The Agile and Scrum Adoption Process in your organization
  • Team dynamics, Cultural change, and the role of management
  • Return on Investment (ROI)


  • Max 14 participants
  • Live
  • 3-4 hours