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Changing the way we look at work. By ‘being the change’ ourselves and by helping organisations to become more effective and more humane. We support leaders who want their organisations to become a catalyst for the wellbeing and growth of their people. Who want their organisations to become resilient and successful in a sustainable way.

Our approach

We guide you on your journey…

Becoming a healthy and thriving organisation does not happen overnight. It’s a journey that requires change on all levels: leadership, HR, organisational structure, team dynamics and individual mindset and behaviour. We will inspire you to start the journey, teach you the necessary skills and guide you along the way.

Let’s join forces if you – just as we do – care about:


The world is discovering how to rely on self-organisation instead of top-down hierarchies to produce maximal results and to navigate complexity. We need to decentralise governance and enable awesome, self-organising teams to maximally serve our customers.


Sustainable change happens above and below the waterline. And requires work on the individual and the collective level. Simply adopting new processes or changing structures is not enough, you also need to develop a new mindset, new habits and evolve your team and organisational culture.


As the world changes faster than ever, organisations need to reinvent themselves frequently and relentlessly adapt in order to survive and thrive. This only happens when you create a learning organisation with a continuous improvement culture.

The principles and practices from Agile and Sociocracy 3.0 are the foundations of our work.

Agile principles and techniques have taught the world how to organise work effectively and frequently deliver value to delighted customers. And how to enable small, self-organising teams to continuously improve.

Sociocracy is all about governance and how run an organisation based on equivalence, collective intelligence and continuous learning. It shows us how to pull self-organisation to the organisational level, creating flexible organisational structures and leveraging decentralised power.

We believe the combination of the agile and sociocratic mindsets and techniques is the most powerful way to grow resilient, high-performing teams and organisations. That’s why they are our main working instruments.

Every person, team or organisation is unique and requires a well-balanced approach. Therefore, we rely on many years of pratical experience and we carry a broad range of instruments next to Agile and Sociocracy 3.0. To name just a few of those: Scrum, Kanban, SAFe, LeSS, Holacracy, Non-violent communication, Teal, Lencioni, complexity thinking, personal coaching, Deep democracy, Theory U and conscious leadership development.

What’s in it for you?

  • Effective value-delivery
    Create high-performing teams that deliver customer value frequently.
  • Fluid, learning organisations
    Assure that your organisation will adapt easily and from within to changing environments.
  • Agile leadership
    Develop new leadership skills to unleash the true potential of all people.
our team

A team fueled by
passion & experience

We pride ourselves on our skilled and passionate team. We all practice what we preach and we complement each other in terms of skills & personality.

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