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What kind of training are you looking for?

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Sociocracy 3.0

Learn all about implementing the principles and patterns of Sociocracy 3.0. Or join our free S3 meetups and sessions!

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Check out our leadership offering to grow as a leader, learn how to lead organisational change and improve your facilitation skills!

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Find out about our highly acclaimed Agile trainings. From ScrumMaster to ProductOwner or Kanban, we’ve got it for you.

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Our training approach


What can you expect from our trainings?

We don’t provide typical classroom trainings. Our training approach is designed to offer optimal learning for every participant. This means that participants will be engaged and invited to share  their specific challenges and questions. Our trainer will share typical pitfalls and proven implementation approaches. We will combine theoretical concepts, practical experiences, exercises, games, discussions and real-life examples into a great learning experience.

The content of the training highly relies on the needs  of the participants. Depending on their expectations and questions different topics might or might not be addressed or be tackled in more or less detail. During our trainings we use agile techniques to manage this variable scope. We make sure that participants are in charge of the scope at any time and understand the impact of their changes on the training.

Our training approach is designed with the techniques from “Training from the Back of the Room” in mind. These techniques honor the differences in learning styles between participants and use sound contemporary pedagogical techniques to create deeper and long-lasting understanding:

  • Timeboxing prevents us from getting carried away at one topic, and keeps focus in the group

  • We take time to practice important techniques

  • We use tools like a backlog to manage the training scope together

  • Participants are encouraged to share their knowledge and experience with the group

  • We use simulation games and fishbowls to elucidate important principles and to keep the training fun!

  • Both small and big group reflections are used throughout the training to tap into the collective wisdom