To contribute to a more humane world and to do so through organisations.


Our choice

iLean supports people who take the lead in organizations that want to leverage the growth and well-being of all those involved and the success of the organization.

We aim for organisations that believe we need a radical shift in how we look at work and collaboration.

We work with both the people and the organization:

  • We help leaders to become a role model and catalyst for the changing organization.


  • We support organizational and cultural change towards greater equivalence, transparency and autonomy. So that people take accountability to fully develop themselves and those around them, in order to contribute to an agile and successful organisation.

We believe this allows us to grow peopleā€™s commitment to the success of their organization, and make a tiny contribution for a better world.


Sociocracy 3.0

Sociocracy 3.0 covers organisational aspects like structure, decision making, operations, mindset and leadership and in terms of principles is completely in line with our fundamental choice. That is why we believe a strong focus on S3 today is a next step to take that is good enough for now and safe enough to try in order to put our fundamental choice into practice. Read more about S3 here.


Sociocratic leadership

What mindset is required to get started with S3 in order to create successful agile and human organisations? Based on and strongly rooted in Sociocracy 3.0, which today does not offer sufficient handles in terms of leadership, we create a sociocratic leadership program.

We develop a leadership offer in which we train, foster learning and support formal and informal leaders in their growth towards sociocratic leadership. So that they become effective leaders, catalysts, facilitators and / or coaches for their teams and organizations in growing towards a more sociocratic organization.