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LIberating Structures meetup

Join this interactive session on Liberating Structures to boost participation, trust and effectiveness!


When you feel included and engaged, do you do a better job? Do you think teams in which people work well together produce much better results? Have you noticed the best ideas often come from unexpected sources? Do you want to work at the top of your intelligence and give the same opportunity to others?

If YES, we have found this is the kind of organization and community that people want to be part of. And... Liberating Structures help make it happen.

Conventional structures are either too inhibiting (presentations, status reports, and managed discussions) or too loose and disorganized (open discussions and brainstorms) to creatively engage people in shaping their own future. They frequently generate feelings of frustration and/or exclusion and fail to provide space for good ideas to emerge and germinate. This means that huge amounts of time and money are spent working the wrong way. More time and money are then spent trying to fix the unintended consequences. Liberating Structures start with something so simple and essential as not to seem worth doing and end with something so powerful and profound that it hardly seems possible.

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DateLocationTrainerLanguagePrice excl. VAT
25 JanBrusselsFrederik Vannieuwenhuyse
Frederic Vandaele
English€0.00SubscribeMore info


Date: 25 Jan
Location: Brussels
Trainer: Frederik Vannieuwenhuyse
Frederic Vandaele
Language: English
Price: €0.00 excl. VAT
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