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Certified Agile Leadership training (CAL 1)

Michael Sahota’s CAL 1 experience is an intense 2 days of deep exploration into leadership, organizational growth and culture to deliver high performance organizations.


Your success as a leader in an Agile organization requires looking beyond Agile itself. It requires a deep understanding of your organization and your own leadership path. To equip you for this journey, this course will provide you with a strong foundation in understanding organizational culture. From there, you will learn key organization and leadership models that will allow you to understand how your organizational culture really works.

You will learn about organizational growth - how you may foster lasting change in your organization. Key is understanding how to invite change in a complex system. Therefore, you will also learn about leadership - how you may show up more effectively, and how to help others.

During this experience, you will undergo a process of letting go of existing behaviours that block your abilities to be an effective leader. You will explore models of culture and receive a playbook to guide the next steps on your journey of creating high performance teams and organizations.

“When we examine culture and leadership closely, we see that they are two sides of the same coin; neither can really be understood by itself.”
Edgar Schein

Target audience

You are expected to have basic knowledge of Agile. This may have come to you through industry experience, reading, meetups or formal training. This course is designed for anyone seeking to foster a more “agile” high-performance organization. It is accessible and essential for any kind of leaders in innovation, lean, human resources, etc. – not just Agile.

Course pre-learning

Participants are expected to complete 2 hours of videos and readings in advance of the training. This allows more time to focus on discussion and exploration during the course. The reading guide will be shared with participants after registration.

Certification requirement and schedule

As part of the tuition, you will receive the Certified Agile Leader 1 (CAL1) certification from the Scrum Alliance. As there is no test, the only requirement for certification is your full participation in the class. This means that you will need to schedule any travel so it does not conflict with scheduled class time. Late arrivals and early departures are not advised as it will interfere with creating a safe learning environment for others and will make certification discretionary.


DateLocationTrainerLanguagePrice excl. VAT
10 Dec - 11 DecAntwerpMichael SahotaEnglish€1790.00 €1590.00(Early bird price when subscribing before 29 October)SubscribeMore info


Date: 10 Dec - 11 Dec
Location: Antwerp
Trainer: Michael Sahota
Language: English
Price: €1790.00 €1590.00 excl. VAT(Early bird price when subscribing before 29 October)
SubscribeMore info

Learning Objectives

Michael Sahota will help you excel in your career by teaching you how to:

  • Execute a step by step playbook for engaging leaders
  • Overcome key Agile challenges
  • Create the context for a high performance organization
  • Connect leadership behaviours with organizational culture
  • Foster an “agile” organization aligned with the Agile Mindset
  • Work more effectively as a manager and with managers
  • Redefine effective executive leadership
  • Engage people to create high-performance organizational culture
  • Evolve culture at all levels of the organization
  • Use key practices for leading lasting organizational growth
  • See causes of resistance and mitigate them
  • Have key conversations to clarify what is desired
  • Enhance your own leadership skills