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Custom made application for DKV Zorgverzekering


DKV is a well-known insurance company for which iLean has successfully built and delivered a high-end web application to manage policies and payments for their Zorgverzekering.


The result

The result of our cooperation with DKV is a working application that has been put into production very early during the project and that was expanded incrementally afterwards.This application allows DKV to process and automatically pay its insurance policies and damages. This contains:


- managing customers and their contact persons

- insert, adapt, process and approve insurance requests using a workflow

- pay out insurance fees to ‘damaged’ customers

- follow up and reporting of all data


Both the project sponsor as the end users are very happy with the application we built and how it supports their business. They also expressed how they valued the way in wich we incrementally built and managed the project.


Our strengths

Our incremental approach allowed to put the first version of the system into production after only 6 weeks. Which of course generated instant ROI for DKV Zorgverzekering. On top of that, DKV did not need to provide all detailed requirements up front. Our approach allowed DKV to iteratively discover and define their requirements during the project. This allowed for scope changes (because of new insights and due to business changes) to be incorporated into the project without any additional effort and cost.


The customer’s reaction

The Senior Manager of DKV Zorgverzekering was very happy to share how he experienced the project and our collaboration in the above video testimonial.


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