Let's create a happy workplace!

Together we create happy workplaces


We are the change

We want to be the change we would like to see in this world. We work hard on our own thinking, skills and organisation to model what we think a humane and effective organisation should look like. That is hard sometimes but really rewarding. And it gives us the necessary experience, skills and empathy to join you on your journey.

We help you get clear

The first thing we will ask you is “Why?” And we will help you to get both the current reality as your desired future clear. Because both are needed to build up the creative tension needed to get people and your organisation moving.

We join your journey

Next, we assess whether it would be genuinely valuable to collaborate, both for you as for us. We only companion you on routes we believe could succeed and strengthen your people and your organisation. We only walk those paths on which we can grow together with you. 

We invite change

We believe it is not sustainable and healthy to force people to change. Instead, you should inspire, invite and guide people to change.

After setting an inspiring target, we help you to invite and guide the organisation towards the bright future it deserves. We consider every individual an intelligent sensor in the organisational nerve system that we should and want to listen to. By continuously tapping the collective intelligence, we make sure your organisation reacts to the real internal and external needs in an effective way.

We educate, coach and facilitate

We are not a typical bunch of consultants that tell you what to do. We do teach and give advise if that is appropriate, but we will often take a more coaching approach. Asking the right questions and mirroring the behaviour and patterns we observe in your organisation. This way, you become smarter so you no longer depend on us for answers. By working with us, you become capable of defining the right experiments and answers yourselves.

Next to being experienced personal and organisational coaches, we are also outstanding teachers. iLean has built a solid reputation in delivering very successful workshops and trainings and facilitating tough conversations or processes.

We actively use Sociocracy 3.0, Agile frameworks, Lean, Non-Violent Communication and Art of Hosting as we believe they have a profound impact on organisational culture, and at the same time provide very usable and effective tools and techniques.

We evaluate, learn and adapt 

We are not able to predict the future. An organisation is a compIex, social system so changing it needs to be done in an empirical way. This means we define and run experiments together with you, measure their results and evaluate progress regularly. Adapting both what we do as how we collaborate with you as needed to assure success.


We help you to:

  • Align everyone around the organisation’s purpose

  • Make better, faster and smarter decisions

  • Have your teams collaborate well and deliver maximal value

  • Be clear about roles, responsibilities and expectations

  • Facilitate and lead self-organising teams

  • Evolve to an adaptive and effective organisational structure

  • Increase accountability and trust on all levels

  • Develop engaged people that maximally contribute